Sensory Experiences

To make it easier for participants to understand how people with disabilities interact with the environment, we've considered it appropriate to organize related activities that will take place during the event, listed below:

Dinner in the Dark

One of the experiences that will allow us to better understand what it means to live without the sense of sight will be the Dinner in the Dark. We will eat in a completely darkened room, served by blind waiters! It will be a fun and exciting experience at the same time, which will make us understand how, by renouncing sight, our relationship with the environment and food will completely change: we will even struggle to recognize what we are eating, as long as we succeed to find the food on the table!

To participate in the dinner in the dark it is necessary to register and pay the fee of 35 € per person in advance according to the instructions on this page.

Friday from 20:00 - Registration and advance payment are required (€ 35 per person)

Blindfolded visit Museo Tattile Statale Omero

Close your eyes and for a moment imagine yourself in a museum full of statues, or being in a city with monuments, but you can't see them because everything is dark.
At the F. Cavazza Institute there is the Tactile Anteros Museum, thanks to which we will have the opportunity to personally experience how a blind person can "experience art", visiting the museum blindfolded and exploring with our other senses at our disposal the works present. There are bas-relief reproductions of famous paintings from the Middle Ages to the Modern Age: Will we be able to recognize them? 🙂

Visit organized Friday at 18:00. Free visits on Friday and Saturday from 10.30am to 4.00pm

Audio-Game Station

In the last edition we already talked about audio-games, entertainment products that can also be enjoyed by people with visual disabilities. This year we will have the opportunity to play and try them in first person in a location used for this purpose. It will be very interesting to understand how situations that we would normally imagine with a strong visual component, such as a duel between enemies, can be reinterpreted by doing it without the sense of sight.

Saturday all day

Glasses to simulate the hypo-vision

Thanks to the Ottica Franco Carletti of Jesi (AN) we will have a set of glasses available at our disposal to help us simulate the various types of low vision and their effects.

Friday and Saturday all day