Accessibility Days 2021

The biggest Italian awareness-raising event about Accessibility and Inclusivity of digital technologies.

20-22 May 2021, Online

What are the Accessibility Days?

The Accessibility Days is a a yearly event that aims at raising awareness on accessibility and disability issues for software developers, designers, makers, content editors, and many others involved in digital technologies. Also including Distance Learning, a topic of the utmost importance in this period.

The event will be held during the "Global Accessibility Awareness Day" (GAAD), a yearly event organized in many locations worldwide that aims at raising awareness about accessibility and inclusion, by gathering up together technology experts and disabled people.

The fifth edition of the Accessibility Days

The Accessibility Days have reached their fifth edition. Also this year we will be forced to do an online event, and we will therefore have to give up again all the experiences that enriched our conference, such as the dinner in the dark or the visit to the tactile museum.

But last year's experience has already taught us that not all evil comes to harm: doing the 2020 edition online has allowed us to involve and make ourselves known by many more people than in previous years, with 820 registered members, compared to about 100 who participated in the "offline" editions. People who then continued to follow us in the webinars, another initiative launched following all the changes that have taken place since last year, and made possible thanks to the fact that they are events held online.

Also in this 2021 therefore, although we will have to make the best of a bad situation again, we will try again to "exploit" the possibilities offered by online events in the best possible way, in order to make valuable contributions and experiences to those who participate, hoping that you are among them!


Andrea Bocelli's message

A person who has supported us over the years is Andrea Bocelli. On several occasions he has also sent us messages: we propose the one for the third edition, in which he told us a beautiful testimony on the importance of technology in the daily life of the disabled. The title he gave to his speech was "Accessibility: a challenge to be taken", to underline the importance of the role that awaits us as people involved in digital technologies.

Photo of Andrea Bocelli

Event Contents

Soon, by the first half of April, we will update the contents of this section, once we have selected the sessions and other initiatives that we have collected during the Call for Sessions.

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A Sensory

Past editions have embedded a great deal of enthusiasm among all the participants, thanks to the numerous initiatives that were organized: not only the classic sessions, but also the workshops, such as the Maker's Corner, and other real "sensory" experiences, such as the visit to the Tactile Museum or the Dinner in the Dark.

A summary of the vortex of emotions generated  during those days was collected in this post.

Help us bear the costs of the event

Accessibility Days is a non-profit event for which we are striving to have free admission, in order to have as many participants as possible. Such an event requires a lot of expenses, especially if you want to ensure that the participants can have the best possible experience (obviously also in terms of accessibility!), and despite the support of the many volunteers who help us, for some services we must turn to professionals, due to the responsibilities that these tasks require.

To give you an idea of ​​the costs, we have made public the event budget, that you can find in the list below. The entries will be updated from time to time, and will be more precise as the event approaches.

ObiettivoBudget indicativoPercentuale raggiungimento
Regia, montaggio video e pubblicazione post-evento2.000-2.500 €
Marketing, comunicazione, advertising, grafica, ...1.500 €
Trascrizione live "manuale" delle sessioni per sordi e ipoacusici in Track 1da definire (300-800 €)
Trascrizione live "manuale" delle sessioni per sordi e ipoacusici in Track 2da definire (300-800 €)
Trascrizione live "manuale" delle sessioni per sordi e ipoacusici in Track 3da definire (300-800 €)
Gestione sito100-500 €
Spese varie (licenze software, cartoleria, ...)100-200 €
Test di accessibilità per la #a11y Challenge, svolti da professionistida definire
Servizio di traduzione in italiano delle sessioni in ingleseda definire

If you want to help us afford these costs, you can do it through a donation or sponsorship: only with your help we can improve the experience and accessibility for all attendees!